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Regd. by Section 64 Trusts Act 1882 India

Reg. No.- 35/04/01/45-468/22

Human Welfare Reasearch and Development (HWRD) is registered in India under Section 64 Trusts Act 1882 India. H.W.R.D. is a public charitable trust of a non-profit, non-political & secular in character. That work for the welfare of society in various ways.

They contribute to the growth as well as the upliftment of the poor and deprived. These are non-profit organizations and work for education, skill development, health, environment homeless, aged people, and anyone in need. NGOs work relentlessly for the betterment of society.

This NGO is involved in a number of activities for social and environmental uplifting. But our priority aims mainly at poverty, child nutrition, formal education, primary health, and the arrangement of livelihood for economically weaker people. One more important raw arena which we promote is plantation and environment conservation. This NGO is involved in continuous efforts for the betterment of mankind. Read More

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Our Activity

Following a lifecycle approach, Human Welfare Research and Development among the top NGO in India, works intensively through focused welfare projects in Seven major areas – child education for poor children, healthcare for families, skills development training and livelihood for youth, and community engagement through women empowerment & environmental protection.

What We Do Education

HWRD is dedicated to provide education to under privileged children. Our NGO is involved in educating children of remote and rural areas, who are deprived of education. We organize various events for engagement of children into various learning based educational activities. We also promote government programme “Beti Bachao Aur Beti Padhao” in our activities. We are also working for the better survival and protection of the girl child. We are working tirelessly for the education of the girl child in various areas of India where they are deprived of education and their basic rights.

Only powerful orations won’t be able to empower women. It calls for concrete steps. Along with strong political willingness, it is our commitment which will complement the intentions of women empowerment to reach its objectives, vastly by education and imparting intellect.

"Educating a child is, building a nation and educating a girl is empowering the nation."


Our NGO is completely dedicated to mankind. We believe in empowering people and cultivating their strength for their livelihood. We help people in standing on their own feet and support their families by winning their bread. For this, we not only train them for establishing their own small-scale business, but we help them in getting financial assistance from the proper authorities.

Today because of ignorance and lack of confidence we are losing precious  youth nd human resources which could have otherwise contributed to the country's economy. We empower them not only with knowledge of the various schemes run by the government but also in accessing and utilizing those services to the fullest. In this way, every individual who starts their establishment further generates employment for another few people.

So basically, we aim to make every willing individual self-dependent and generate employment for others. Because once we have enlightened someone's path, we believe him to take along others also to accompany us on the same path.


HWRD is make the contributions towards making underprivileged people healthy and economically independent by making them capable to avail various health and employment schemes run by government.

From time to time we arrange free medical camps also. For the benefit of underprivileged people, our volunteers are also engaged in arranging follow-up treatment of grave and chronic diseases. Because we understand the ground reality that availability of health services and accessing those services are at two opposite spectrum for these poor people.

Environmental Protection

Our NGO is working hard to make people more conscious about the environment. Our main area of work is to protect the environment and ensure a green india for the next generation. We are educating the citizens to ensure that necessary steps are taken to protect the Mother Nature.

In this regard we are not only educating children or teenagers but at the same time we are also training adults how to save the precious earth. It is positive sign for us that they are getting aware of the protection of the earth and its heritage. We are holding various awakening programmes among villagers in this context.

Vocational Training

HWRD: Vocational Training Centre is yet another example of a Public-Private-Partnership with Development Support Agency of the Bihar Government “To improve socio-economic conditions through the increase in net income of tribal families in Bihar, by providing high-quality employment-oriented vocational training, soft skills and employment assistance to the tribal youth who cannot pursue a college education.

As a part of the “Save the girl child” and “woman empowerment” initiatives, 80% of our students are girls.

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